Why  we choose  the  Silicone beauty blender?

Great personalized  your makeup tools with LIYA  Silicone beauty blender, the perfect two-in-one beauty blender
for liquid and cream makeup products.
1) The clear  Silicone side  is a transparent , cut and product saving surface for an initial application, or sculpting and outlining. 
2) The  classic  soft   egg  beauty blender take  latex free  polyurethane foam  which   is  perfect  for that flawless airbrush finish.
3 in 1  , conceal  ,shape, blender.
LIYA  silicone  beauty   applicator is   amazing  beauty tool for customers.
PS:  the silicone  belongs to  high quality  imported material 
our   polyurethane also  imported from USA , Japan
We also  take the best  material  for production.